What We ​​Can ​Do For You

We professionally do interior/exterior car detailing from top to bottom, hand car washing and cleaning interior/exterior. We are available to private clients, Commercial clients 5days a week.


We offer a wide range of car detail packages. Our capabilities are endless, but are not limited to eco-conscious detailing, maintaining the finest luxury car or sports car, complete details on all cars, to restoring worn and weathered vehicles.


We will promise that spotless detailing and maintenance that gives your car appearance a new look. We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Standard Valet Service


  • Wax Wash, Chamious Dry
  • Vacuum Seats, Carpets & Boot
  • Ashtrays Cleaned
  • Window Cleaned Inside & Out
  • Dashboard Cleaned & Dressed
  • Interior Deodorised
  • Wheels & Tyres Cleaned & Dressed


Prices From:

Small Car $55.00
Medium Car $65.00
Large Car $75.00


Full Detail


Services Included – Premium Wash

  • Carpet and Seats Shampooed
  • Paint Cleaner Polish (Applied by Machine)
  • Trinis Cleaned and Treated
  • Engine Bay Degreased


Prices From:

Small Car $200.00
Medium Car $230.00
Medium 4×4 $260.00
Large 4×4 $290.00


Super-Pre Sale Detail Deluxe


  • Cut + Polish (Machine)
  • Removal of Micro Scratches
  • Application Paint Treatment
  • Machine polish
  • Removal of Over Spray & Water marks
  • Clay & Hand Treatment
  • Inside outside cleaning & Leather Treatment
  • Spotless Polish Work
  • Car-Coat Liquid Wax Treatment
  • Odor Removal
  • Fabric Protection
  • Headlight Restoration
  • Over-Spray Removal
  • Wheel Polishing


Prices From:

Small Car $290.00
Medium Car $350.00
Large Car $390.00

Paint Protection


Paint treatment gives all paintwork a diamond-hard shine and offers protection from most harmful elements including; Ultra Violet rays, fading, acid rain, peeling, frost, tree sap, insect acid, bird droppings, oxidation(chalking), petrol and diesel fumes.


Unlike old-fashioned wax and silicone polish, the high gloss finish remains, wash after wash after wash. Wax polishing is not required ever again!


Prices From:

Small Car $439.00
Medium Car $489.00
Large Car $559.00


Interior Protection


Protects and maintains all vinyl / fabric and leather interiors. Vinyl and leather upholstery and dashboards can be damaged by harmful sunlight.


Cracking, fading and discolouring on vinyl and leather interiors will now be a thing of the past!


Prices From:

5 Seater Car $150.00
7 Seater Car $190.00

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